Sunday, 22 November 2015

Prague, 2015 Blog Catch-Up

The 2015 Blog catch-up continues in Prague the capital of the Czech Republic visited in May. What a city it is!! It feels very historic walking in the busy pebbled streets with trams going backwards and forwards among the old buildings. To much to see and do in 3 days, could of done with more time and right up there with Hamburg during Christmas as my favorite place visited. Here are the first 5 things I remember that first come into my mind.

1. Boat trip on the Vlata River

Somehow we found ourselves on a little boat with just 3 other people instead of one of the big bus boats, and it took a detour down a canal.

2.  John Lennon Wall

Since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles' songs. Also used by students to protest against communism, every time the communist government painted over it the pictures would come back.

3. Parade on the Charles Bridge

After walking out of a shop we went in to buy postcards and chocolates for home we suddenly became apart of a parade about to cross the Charles Bridge. No idea what it was about but we walked across with them.

4. Model railway restaurant, drinks delivered by train!!

5. Great views from the Petrin Tower in a park above the city which was also next to a mirror maze.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

In Bruges, 2015 Blog Catch-Up

Hopefully the start of a big catch up for this blog, also hoping there wont be a need for a catch up of the catch up. Must keep going!

All the way back in March we traveled to Bruges in Belgium by train from London, a city made up of cobbled streets, canals and medieval churches and buildings.

It seems a long time ago and at the same time 10 minutes since we went. So I just this second decided to write about the first 5 things that come into my head about the trip.

1. Solar eclipse? What solar eclipse?

Whilst we were there europe including Bruges was due a solar eclipse, I was convinced the day would turn to night. Eva did not believe me but I was sure of it, and after a rushed breakfast to get us outside for the right time this happened.....

What can only be described as dull at best.

2. The toughest Geocache ever (Geocaching needs explaining in a whole post of its own) which needed a phone call to the owner to complete. The cache was in the red compartment on the back of this bike in the town square and you had to match up genuine Bruges pictures on an information sheet with some numbers which made up the combination for the lock, very tough and to hard to explain.

3. The canal trip which has to be done, make friends with the sailor so you can shout and wave to him for the rest of your stay  every time he sails past.

4. This man....

His name is Luc Vanlaere a multi-instumentalist who gives free concerts almost every day in a little arts center and his music is just incredible, had to buy one of his CD's which had one real heart breaker on it.

5. The Bell Tower. Big climb up the stairs and DONnnnngggg!!! DONnnnnggg!!! wow it was loud, and a great view.

This post needs one more thing a picture of Eva....