Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween Story....Isle of Wight Ghostly Hand

I love asking people if they have ever witnessed something to do with hauntings especially at Halloween, and I was really surprised once to ask my mum and dad once if they had and to my surprise they said yes!! It happened to them back before I was born. They once told me about a holiday they had on the Isle of Wight which was cut short by some possibly ghostly goings on in the chalet they stayed in. My Mum felt uneasy after the first night staying there, on more than one occasion she thought my Dad was standing behind her only to turn around and find no one there. 

Then things got worse and she felt touches on her shoulder, again turning around with no one to be seen. She told my Dad what had happened worried he would think she is silly, but guess what? The same thing had happened to him!! They decided to ask if they could swap chalets and when asked why the receptionist gave a knowing look when my Mum said they just didn't feel comfortable. As it's Halloween tomorrow ask people you know if they have a ghostly story to tell you, you might be surprised.

One more Halloween thing.........This is what I came home to tonight!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Sunday Stroll At Lake Meadows Park

Today we went to Lake Meadows with Eva's friend Clare which is the best park in the world, better than Central Park and I am not talking about the one in my home town Chelmsford. The park is in Billericay in Essex and has a picturesque lake, crazy golf, cafe, play park, walkways, green open spaces and car parking. However they are missing an A on their gate sign...

The park looks very autumnal at the moment and I will be entering this next picture into their seasonal photo competition, its going to be called "Eva In Autumn".....

You can't go to the park without feeding the ducks, geese and some seagulls to who grab the bread right out of the air as you throw it. Just 74 p for the reduced loaf of bread, great entertainment for under a pound.

After feeding the ducks it was onto the crazy golf course, I scored 68 and Eva 91 Ha ha ha ha. Its a good 18 holer with some ramps and pipes. This is me trying to convince the girls I didn't fall over half way round I just needed a sit down.

This is a fantastic place to go at the weekend when you have been stuck in the office all week. Many other people must think Lake Meadows is a special place to as there are many benches dedicated to people who have died...

Friday, 18 October 2013

National Bulgarian Parachutist Day !?!

I've been told by Eva today is National Parachutist Day in Bulgaria, yes that's right its a strange one. They seem to have a reason to celebrate everyday, but this one is particularly important because Eva used to be a parachutist in her home town Stara Zagora.

Eva is in the red chequered shirt at the front

So tonight im having a drink for the parachutists of Bulgaria. Then tomorrow its the day of the Bulgarian Doctors so why not have a drink for them too, although they may not approve.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

My First Attempt At Gardening

This year was my first attempt at doing some gardening, I thought I would give it a go as its a creative way to try and make a new home your own. I had a vision of growing enough vegetables to giveaway and flowers draped all over the patio, I thought I could be a celebrity TV gardener by the end of the summer. It didn't quite work out that way but was my first time, now the summer is over I can show some pictures


It started trying to attract some birds with a bird feeders I hung from hanging basket brackets, no luck as though as all the neighbours cats scare them off. Nice bit of climbing fence there though and a bit of paint on the shed.

Then I planted some seed,s for most it turned out I planted to early as the summer was so slow to start. Most of the flowers died but the vegetables were tough and lived on. Tomatoes, onions and strawberries were a success and tasted great..........

There was also a sunflower competition between me and my work friend Tina and I got thrashed, the one with the tallest and widest flower won.

One thing I would say is that gardening is hard work, don't try and over stretch yourself or things die when you cant pay them enough attention. If you shop around and go to the pound shop and Aldi you can find some good cheap plants and flowers. There were lots of other successes meaning some good photos could be taken......

With some posing thrown in...

And an idiot climbing up a tree.....